Rules of the Society for a Design Museum Japan

  1. Article 1 (Name)

    The name of the group established pursuant to these Rules shall be
    "Society for a Design Museum Japan"
    (henceforth referred to as the "Group").
  2. Article 2 (Office)

    The Group's main office shall be located at
    3-2-2 Kanda-Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
  3. Article 3 (Purpose)

    The Group's purpose (henceforth referred to as the "Purpose") shall be for Issey Miyake and Masanori Aoyagi to conduct educational activities concerning the importance of design in Japan, and to build momentum toward the foundation of a design museum.
  4. Article 4 (Activities)

    The Group shall carry out the following activities with the aim of achieving the Purpose set forth in the preceding article:
    1. Hold symposiums to build momentum toward the foundation of a design museum.
    2. Conduct activities to communicate the importance of design (exhibitions and other events).
    3. Carry out advertising activities for 1. and 2. above(website management, etc.).
    4. Other necessary activities for achieving the Purpose
  5. Article 5 (Executives, etc.)

    1. Two Board members shall be appointed to the Group.
    2. In order to carry out the necessary work, the Group may contract office work to a third party.
  6. Article 6 (Management)

    In view of Issey Miyake and Masanori Aoyagi's wishes, the Group shall be managed by an office under the Board members' instructions and in accordance with the Society’s purpose.
  7. Article 7 (Finances)

    1. The Group's revenues shall consist of the following:

      (1) Contributions from individual supporters(unit amount of contribution: 10,000 yen)

      (2) Contributions from student supporters(unit amount of contribution: 3,000 yen)

      (3) Contributions from corporate supporters(unit amount of contribution: 50,000 yen)

    2. The Group shall pay all expenses incurred in relation to its activities out of the revenues set forth in paragraph 1.
    3. Board members shall not be remunerated.
  8. Article 8 (Business Year)

    The Group's business year shall begin on September 1 of each year and end on August 31 of the following year.
  9. Article 9 (Enforcement)

    These Rules shall be enforced starting on September 24, 2012.
Issey Miyake, Board Member
Masanori Aoyagi, Board Member
Society for a Design Museum Japan